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I’ve been searching

I’m not myself. There’s days I can’t remember. All I do is party. The other night a ate a girl out for the first and I can hardly remember it. I’ve just been longing for a real touch. They all want me and yet nobody does. Kissing strangers to find the real thing. But I learn love is not a real thing.


Last night we fucked

This man is the first man I’ve been comfortable enough to say “hey that’s not my clit and your doing it wrong, this is it now suck it”..or something like that anyway. The fact that we both are open enough to do and say what ever or dirty hearts want has made our sex life Afuckingamazing. Last night. Last night he had me screaming like never before. Last night we fucked. Damn did we fuck.

Happy new year

We are at the point where we can go in and we know eachother so well that we get the job done, and we do it damn good. We need to slow down and take our time more. Past two days we laid in bed and just enjoyed each others bodies. My New Year resolution is to take my time on him, slow down and enjoying what is mine and appreciating what I have.


When it’s love

Even being at his families house, he walks by me and I find myself glancing at his package. I desire him. When he’s close and when he’s gone. Sitting here at work daydreaming about laying in bed and making love all morning. I desire him.



 ..And a blow job before I left for work, I have one spoiled man on my hands. A lack of sleep was slowing down my sex drive this week. Its been a bad week of work, just a bad week in general actually. So almost every night we feel asleep cuddling and no pants party. Why do we do that to ourselves when sex is the best stress reliever? I guess my hand on his cock woke him up. Satisfied each other, then back to sleep. His day off means I wake him up with a good bye blow job. If he wasnt blown away before he was when I left.  

Last Night

He knew I needed him, he wanted me to initiate it but I didn’t I was too sleepy.. He asked me just how tired I was.. So I thought about and decided to crawl on him. I don’t care how high school dry humping is it gets us going. Low grinding on top of him when I finished.. A couple times 😉 he got on top of me. We finished together slow which doesn’t happen often usually he has to pound me. Slow and intimate, sometimes you need it.

My favorites

When I’m on my stomach and he gets deep. Slow countless orgasims. Or my secret turn on is when he jerks off.. Is that weird.. Sometimes I masturbate to just that thought alone.

I love it!